Dror Garti

Dror Garti

Co-founder, CTO

Posted on: April 26, 2022

Allocating leads – are you opportunistic or smart?

I’d love to be a bug on the wall in your weekly sales meetings
No, but really, I’m curious to know what it takes to become a top sales performer in your company? How do you allocate SQLs for the quarter/year with the rest of the team? Sector-based? Geography? Is the Round Robin approach still applicable for new age B2B SaaS companies or perhaps in your company the top performers in Q1 get the better leads?

As such a meeting ends and you head out, your colleague approaches you and tells you he may help you reach one of your targets as he knows a guy who knows a guy.

Does any of this sound familiar?

What if you did an interesting exercise at your next sales meeting – for each lead on the CRM, ask the entire team if someone has a good way of reaching the lead. We will probably end up with a more effective sales lead allocation which will lead to shorter sales cycles. Obviously, this requires long meeting hours and some very alert salespeople who know their network. Not an easy task to achieve.

This is exactly where Referral AI’s lead prospecting software comes in. Knowing the leads your corporate is after (by connecting to your CRM or importing a file), Referral-AI takes the smart and disruptive approach – allocating each lead to the salesperson who has the best chances of reaching the target with his referral network. Not only do we now play it smart, but the specific lead in the CRM is now enriched with the referral and relationship intelligence required to open the door faster and more effectively.

So next time you stare at your leads in your CRM, ask yourself – are you guys playing it opportunistically or playing it smart?

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