Turn CRM contacts into warm leads

Monitor and convert CRM contacts into hot leads, empowered by over a billion relationships with ICPs, former champions and their successors

Accelerate your pipeline using personal relationship data

The only live referral network that takes your pipeline to the max

Shorten your cadence and bring hot leads faster, using warm relationship paths. Get any contact details and email templates you need, to generate high-converting leads and reach your targeted accounts effectively using b2b referral marketing.


Let us help you maximize your chances of converting your leads

Get suggestions of reps that are most likely to convert them

Strong personal relationship paths will boost your leads conversion. Generate more sales by assigning highly qualified leads to reps with the strongest relationship paths to your ICPs.

Increase your lead-to-sale conversion rate using lead assignment based on relationship data, and develop the ultimate conversion strategy.

Revive missed and lost opportunities

Reach out to champions' successors to bring leads back to table and revive lost opportunities with great relationships

Be prepared to recover missed sales opportunities, re-engage and win back lost deals. When champions move to new jobs, it’s your golden hour to connect with successors. Expand your business outreach with great relationships and close new deals using referral management software.

Leverage your network of previous champions to generate new opportunities

Channel previous business relationships to draw new customers in

Increase deal closing using contacts who moved to new companies as your go-to-persons to reach to more ICPs. Seize the opportunity and gain momentum to reconnect, to convert leads into new deals and speed up your sales cycle.

Go straight to the right position-holders to close the deal

Engage and onboard new customers by easily getting to relevant contacts

Approach professionals in the right department and contacts who set the tone.

Know your ICP’s hierarchy, departments and decision-makers, to bring you closer to deal closing. Engage relevant contacts using automated and customized emails will get the job done.

Automatically get emails of your targeted personas

Receive emails of ICPs directly into your CRM or in a CSV file

Obtain emails of relevant contacts in companies that you wish to bring on board. Use professional email addresses for successfully reaching ICPs. With access to their emails, all that is left for you to do is to reach out.

Boost productivity with integrated data that improves your workflow

Manage data effectively, save time and get the full picture at one glance

Receive data of former champions, successors, VCs and ICPs, all-in-one view.

CRM integration enables you to easily access all your prospecting data using only one tool.

Your sales and marketing teams can solely use HubSpot or Salesforce to get all the data they need to reach new customers successfully, and manage an increased sales cycle.



Enrich your CRM's data by integrating with Referral-AI's platform.

Make your workflow and tools easier to use and enable your sales team to bring faster and high-quality results.