Increase your pipeline velocity and volume with relationship data at scale

Referral-AI takes your pipeline to the max, providing your marketing and sales teams with data at the highest visibility on their targeted personas. Whether using our live referral network of over a billion relationships, or tracking your ICP's transitions in real-time, our in-house developed smart algorithm will help you leverage your sales cycle.

Enjoy Customized Email Templates To Target ICP Personas

Use our knowledgebase of 200+ customized email templates

Referral-AI helps reps to engage in a unique and personalized manner, by automatically generating a relationship story per path and embedding it into an email template, to express deep buyer empathy.

Reach Your Target ICP Personas

Referral-AI provides you with trusted relationship paths, using referrals you or your team personally know

Connect with your target decision-makers using a direct relationship or a single referral.

Engage With Your Target ABM Accounts

Save your teams more than 12 hours of sales prospecting per week

Find the way in to your ABM list, and engage with your targets, based
on your ICP criteria.

Track customers and users, to reconnect when they move jobs

Get 30% more qualified leads of personas that already know and trust your product

Use former customers and users as your brand’s ambassadors and reconnect with them as they move to new companies.

Their experience with your product and past relationships can provide you with hot leads, to increase your pipeline.

Track The Successors Of Your Customers’ Champions

Boost your win rate by 10%

Be prepared for renewal time to discover your relationship path to the successor of your previous champion.

Manage Your ICP Data Effectively In The CRM

Integrates with your CRM, to enable all-in-one view

Access your data using only one interface, to save time and get the full picture at one glance.

"What we are seeing most dramatically impacted by is the Velocity of the response. We don't need to go through all the seven steps until the person answers and the sequence is ending up much faster. "

The entire concept of being able to surface at scale every and any connections that your business has with your targets, which we don't know of, is immensely valuable


Enrich your CRM's data by integrating with Referral-AI's platform.

Make your workflow and tools easier to use and enable your sales team to bring faster and high-quality results.

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Increase your pipeline with relationship data at scale