Drive more revenue with

Scaling BDRs & Partners/Resellers’ pipeline by aligning your
targeted ABM with their relationship network.

Referral-AI automatically maps your organizational relationships with customers, partners, investors, and family members, generating highly personalized outreach to the decision-makers in your target accounts either directly or through your partners. 

Leverage your partners’ existing relationships in their ecosystem with your target ABM (Account-Based Marketing) companies, to identify the partners with the highest probability of closing these deals faster.

Verify overlaps between your CRM and your partners’ data, to conduct co-sales more effectively.

Increase DM response
rate by 50%

Reduce sales cycles
length by 30%

Reach 3X

How to reach out effectively?

Our AI-Driven Business Development Platform is designed to identify your personal relationships with key stakeholders of your target accounts and transform them into a compelling outreach at scale.

By generating personalized sequences your team will capture buyers’ attention, resonate with your unique value proposition, and ultimately, help you schedule more meetings in your outbound efforts.

Step 1: Complete the onboarding process

Complete the onboarding process to identify referrals (board members, investors, partners, resellers, colleagues, and customers) and connect your CRM to save data on new decision-makers and their relationship paths. It can significantly enhance your business development and relationship-building efforts.

Step 2: Import your target ABM list

Set up your target search filter and either import your ABM list in a file or manually enter each account in the search bar to automatically map your target accounts through your ecosystem relationships. The mapping identifies who has the strongest connections with each account.

Step 3: Push Decision-Makers
contacts to your CRM

Automate the creation of new HubSpot contacts based on your ABM list, including the best relationship paths with your targets. No manual entry required. Simply click to save 25 fields of contact information for both the target and its associated referrals, along with their relationship data.

Step 4: Reach Your Buyers'
Committee Effectively

Send automated email-based relationships generated by our AI to multiple decision-makers. These emails will be sent from your email server, and you should expect to receive responses in your regular inbox. Recipients tend to respond quickly when they see a familiar referral name in the subject line, similar to an incoming phone call.”

Additionally, you have the option to request your referral’s approval before including their name in the email to the target. Under GDPR rules, they have 48 hours to respond before you are free to email your targets directly.

Jon Repka
VP Growth, Paro

“Following our contacts updated by your platform, we saw some really exciting top of funnel progress from our Champion Left initiative, with 3 discoveries booked within our first 100 contacts. I would expect conversion to land +10% which would be one of our most productive outbound campaigns in our history”.

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Enrich your CRM's data by integrating with Referral-AI's platform.

Make your workflow and tools easier to use and enable your sales team to bring faster and high-quality results.


Enrich your CRM's data by integrating with Referral-AI's platform.

Make your workflow and tools easier to use and enable your sales team to bring faster and high-quality results.

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