Referral-AI FAQ

In today’s globally distributed digital work environment, executives are constantly bombarded with non-stop emails, chats, and messages – a challenging environment to stand out from all the noise to engage with target decision-makers.  More than ever before, trusted relationships are the most effective way to engage decision-makers and establish trust.

Referral AI is a trusted-relationships data intelligence solution that enriches contact data with trusted-relationships on a global scale between companies and their target market. Referral AI discovers and improves communication with your target decision makers through trusted-relationship insights.

Engage your target decision-makers with the best relationships-based prospecting tool

Yes, you can set up rules to fine tune the reach results to your target decision-makers in a Logo enterprise.

Referral-AI searches trusted relationship paths between your team and their target decision-makers automatically.

  • It’s a huge time saver.
  • No need to ask who knows who.
  • No need to ask for introductions.
  • It increases ROI with replied people.
  • Automatically enriches leads in the CRM with your team relationships.
  • Automatically saves new leads-based relationships in the CRM.
  • Automatically discovers similar customers-based DNA with your team relationship.

Marketing, Business Development and Sales teams at B2B companies

By understanding deep relationship insights within the corporate relationship graph, relationship-driven sales professionals can discover and leverage existing relationships to engage with decision makers, build trust, prioritize accounts, and shorten the sales cycle.

Using highly personalized and relationship-based social and email campaigns, marketing and demand generation professionals can utilize specific relationship-insights for ABM campaigns to increase engagement, open rates, and CTR’s, to deliver SQL with relationship insights to the sales team through CRM integration.

To maximize the value from Referral-AI platform:

  • Login with your Gmail or Office365 mailbox to uncover the relationships you already have. You can add several mailbox accounts on your ‘Account Settings’ page.
  • Invite other team members and motivated business personal with customers facing roles in your company to increase your corporate private network connections and reach.
  • Connect your SalesForce or Hubspot CRM to leverage your happy customers as referrals.
  • Start your search to reach target company or a person by copy and paste the LinkedIn URL of a company or a person in the search bar. Check the search results in your notification bell when its number grows.
  • Your admin can import a CSV file of your target ABM list to let Referral-AI works for you in the background.

The key to maximizing the paths is by allowing Referral-AI to better discover your company’s true trusted network. This can be achieved by:

  • Connecting more mailboxes
  • Inviting and adding more team members to the platform
  • Importing existing customers from your CRM
  • Adding more referrals manually or via CSV file

LinkedIn is user generated data for their operating profile to highlight their work history by manual editing. Linkedin’s network is based on ask-connect paradigm and is social in nature with varying degrees of trusted relationships. Referral-AI scans multiple sources of data, crowed-sourced and others to provide an exhaustive set of possible trusted (only) relationship paths to the prospect, ranking them by relevance and trust strength. Referral-AI will provide the rational behind the connection (e.g. related via past job, board members, same-department colleagues etc.), and does not impose usage limitations.

Referral-AI do not read your LinkedIn connection. They are just connected, not trusted and most of them even do not know you.

No. Referral-AI has established strict privacy policies and does not share with anyone the contacts or connections it has deduced from the user’s mailbox or the ones he had uploaded manually. Only if the platform managed to deduce a relationship via a public source, it may show up on other user’s paths. Referral-AI keeps your referrals completely private. Nobody in the world can see your referrals.

Yes. Referral-AI suggests a list of referrals it has deduced based on the user’s bio, mailboxes (if connected) and public sources. The user can always decide to edit/ignore/enhance these referrals.

Referral-AI platform uses data API providers as well as public webpages scraping to obtain the data and relationships provided. The information the platform gets from the user’s mailboxes or CRM is used solely for the user and his team and is not shared with other customers.

Referral-AI platform uses data API providers as well as public webpages scraping to obtain the data and relationships provided. The information the platform gets from the user’s mailboxes or CRM is used solely for the user and his team and is not shared with other customers.

Yes. You can disconnect a specific mailbox from your accounts page and the platform will remove all the data it has obtained from the mailbox (other than data obtained from a public source).

No. Referral-AI does not have access to email content – email body or attachments. The only information the system uses is the header metadata (sender, receiver, date) to uncover existing relationships in your mailbox and help qualify them better. By connecting your email inbox, you’ll get more accurate relationships that will hopefully lead to faster door-opening. It is always your choice, and you have full control in your account settings to disconnect a mailbox if you choose to.

Since we handle sensitive data on private relationships we take security manners very seriously. We have procedures and owners in place as required by the GDPR practices and standards. Referral-AI is also a Google API verified application according to the new developer standards introduced in 2019. We undergo an extensive security audit every year by a Google-certified company and receive our certification. Please visit our GDPR/Privacy Policy pages for further information.

Yes. It is possible to log-in to the system and manually insert referrals. This can be done one-by-one or via our import capabilities.

Yes. Referral-AI connects today to the leading CRM platforms – Salesforce and Hubspot. Once connected, our customers gain the following benefits:

  • The platform automatically pulls the leads to search paths to
  • The platform uses existing customers as motivated referrals
  • The platform can write the paths detected back to the CRM
  • The platform can analyze the existing customer’s DNA and suggest paths to more similar customers with the same DNA