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Referral-AI is a B2B referral management and lead prospecting software, which integrates with your CRM to ensure that you maximize your prospecting data. Empowered by over a billion relationships, our relationship intelligence tool enables you to track champions of customers, previous champions and champions’ successors, while finding the best relationship paths to ICPs. By monitoring and enriching your CRM contacts, we generate hot leads and MQLs to help you accelerate your marketing and sales pipeline.


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Referral-AI’s automated CRM data enrichment provides sales intelligence to enrich leads and CRM contacts. We access data from a wide range of sources, to collect general and business data that generates prospecting and relationship data based on your target ICPs. To discover the best relationship paths, we have succeeded to gather data on 1.6 billion relationships by Q4 2022, and we constantly continue to grow our live referral network. We rely on a combination of multiple data sources, especially public social sources (Facebook, Twitter, Signal, etc.), private sources (for example, emails) and paid API sources (such as Crunchbase).
Many businesses are not aware that they are throwing leads away and don’t utilize all their data on CRM contacts. As only a small percentage of qualified sales leads turn into paying customers, Referral-AI helps sales and marketing teams to avoid wasting time on unproductive prospecting. We provide tools to automatically convert CRM contacts into hot leads and increase lead conversion, by enriching cold leads with data that can improve lead scoring and convert MQLs to SQLs. Our recommended workflows, trigger notifications and event sequences assist salespeople to close more opportunities.
Referral-AI collects data from many different sources, while using Machine Learning and AI to generate people profiles and detect business relationships. Our platform finds relevant business information on your ICPs, while simultaneously using a relational database to provide relationship intelligence on your CRM contacts and detect relationships between salespeople to cold leads. By simple integration, we can push data into your CRM and create events to inform you of important changes in target organizations.
Referral-AI easily integrates with your HubSpot CRM, requiring only 2 simple onboarding sessions. To complete a seamless integration and enable us to automatically enrich CRM leads, we will add 4 custom objects or cards onto your CRM. After finishing this very simple integration process, you will be able to receive general data, business data and relationship data directly to your CRM, with no further action needed.
Our onboarding process is very simple, consisting of only 2 meetings. The first meeting is expected to take approximately 30 minutes, where we will complete our platform’s integration into your CRM. The following and final meeting is expected to take approximately 60 minutes, where we will validate the data gathered by us and pushed to your CRM. We will then provide you with a full training session, to complete the onboarding process.
Referral-AI has full integration with Hubspot CRM, while being seamlessly integrated.
Referral-AI is a global and automated sales intelligence platform for gathering data worldwide, with an emphasis on the US and EU.
Using Referral-AI is extremely easy. Once you have completed the onboarding and training, you will be able to set up automated workflows to make sure you utilize all your existing data, including new data that you receive. To autonomously maximize your sales opportunities, all you need to do is simply select as many workflow templates as you need, from our over 14 suggested workflows, or easily build your own customized ones.
Yes, you may use our in-house developed platform even if you don’t have a CRM, to receive relationship data about your targeted account – see the section below to understand how to do so.
If you don’t have any CRM, you still have the option to benefit from Referral-AI’s sales intelligence and relationship data. Our platform is capable of independently delivering prospecting data that will enable you to learn more about leads. By defining your ICPs, we also find relationship paths to organizations and individuals you want to reach, while providing you with pre-built email templates to easily reach out to target personas. If you are not using HubSpot, but you do have other CRM software, you also have the option to export a file from the platform of Referral-AI, using Excel Export functionality, and upload it into your CRM, in order to assist your team to maximize sales opportunities more effectively.

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Since we handle sensitive data, we take security manners very seriously. We have appropriate safeguards and security measures in place, as required by the GDPR. As a Google API verified application according to the new developer standards introduced in 2019, we undergo Google’s extensive security audit every year. In addition, we regularly perform Pen Test to actively identify and patch exploitable vulnerabilities. Referral-AI is also SOC2 Type 1/2 certified – the highest data security standard as defined by the AICPA.

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