Dror Garti

Dror Garti

Co-founder, CTO

Posted on: April 21, 2022

Reaching Decision Makers was always hard and became even more difficult after Covid appeared. People are bombarded with emails and LinkedIn messages and their span of attention got even shorter.

Does this Sounds familiar to you?

With a raise of a hand – all the great Sales guys in my network who recently sent a shoutout message in a Sales Slack channel – “Anyone knows someone at ThisComapnyImTryingToReach?” Congratulations! You are a seller of the new age.

Back to your shoutout for help.

Have you thought about walking down one floor and asking the Engineering guys? Maybe ask the folks in the Human Resources department up a floor? Those individuals have been in a lot of places, they know a lot of people, and they have their own extensive network of connections.

You intuitively know that the golden referral may hide in the contact list of your colleague sitting two desks away from you. So, you ask, and she may answer, or may not.

Many researches, as well as customers at using Referral AI’s referral management software, indicate that approaching a Decision Maker through a referral greatly increases the chances of getting attention. Stats indicate that 84% of B2B buyers now start the purchasing process with a referral.

Stats from the paths our customers find in Referral-AI indicate that for some, up to %50 of the referrals that can open the door come from “Silent Contributors” – all those other people in the company, NOT in the Sales department, who are actually not less motivated to help the company succeed and the Sales team Never thought of asking them.

Referral-AI helps map the company’s global network and reveal those hidden referral “gems” that will eventually open the door to a successful sale.

So, how do you sell SaaS today?
We would love to know!