Dror Garti

Dror Garti

Co-founder, CTO

Posted on: May 10, 2022

Shorten Sales Cycles-B2B Sales Intelligence Software

How often do you think to yourself – “Hmmm, there’s this guy I worked with in my previous job – he can surely help me open the door to that Decision Maker I’m after”. After fiddling a bit with the Contacts in your phone you finally find him, and shoot out a happy email (“Long time, yada yada yada”…) just to find out two days later that the email bounced back. Yap, you were not the only one who jumped-ship from that lousy company, the guy also moved on and you’re left with a stale contact.

Top performers in the new age sales arena are constantly utilizing referrals to shorten sales cycles and reach decision makers to make their quota. To do so, they need to be armed with a current, live rolodex of contacts.

But who can stay on top of the thousands of contacts she has?

Our stats at Referral-AI show that seasoned sales people have few thousands of contacts. A truly nice reach. But (there’s always a but, right?) out of those, a whopping 30% of the contacts are outdated emails which will lead nowhere.

In the new age era, where everything is dynamic and live, why rely on your contacts? Why waste time searching through them or finding the contact you’re after is wrong when you can use services like Referral-AI. Not only will the system revive your contacts and track those referrals for you, it will also suggest the best paths you can take to the Decision Makers you’re after.

So who is ready to throw that rolodex-approach of the past?  Let the tooling work for you tracking those referrals allowing you to focus on what matters to close that sale.