Doron Herzlich

Doron Herzlich

Co-founder, CEO

Posted on: May 2, 2022

AMB Engagement

Every B2B company uses the common outbound methods to reach its Ideal customer profile.
Sellers and Marketers bombarded their audience by running mass campaigns or manually using LinkedIn, emails, and direct dials to book meetings.

Today it became even harder for reps trying to reach target decision-makers with the increased job changes and the faster-faded relationships in many industries. The larger the accounts the harder it is to reach decision-makers in your target list.

People became so accustomed to these traditional outbound methods that there is no viable solution to save reps’ time in booking meetings.

Referral-AI can save you major prospecting time in reaching your target decision-makers through its live referral network at scale.

The live referral network is based on trusted referrals, harvested from multiple data sources, such as Email, CRM, and social networks. Those trusted referrals already have relationships with both the users and their target decision-makers which makes it easier and more pleasant to use their opinion for opening doors.

Referral-AI’s sales prospecting tool and sales intelligence solution feeds aggregated data sources into a prediction algorithm. The algorithm finds significant known and unknown relationships to open the right doors to decision-makers.

Referral-AI is speeding up your sale cycles and generating more opportunities with your buyers’ group.