Posted on: March 18, 2020

B2B Sales Intelligence Tool during Pandemic

The Coronavirus crisis forces every company to do more with less. Surviving during the looming recession means cutting marketing budgets and looking for creative ways to reach prospects and target customers.

B2B companies can no longer conduct events, go to tradeshows, or fight for customers’ attention over social networks. Even the best content writer can’t create compelling online campaigns at a time that our attention is totally focused on the health of our loved ones. But, the wheels of industry need to keep turning, and sales and marketers must drive demand like never before.

Avoiding or minimizing layoffs depends solely on sales success, and driving demand through Referral Selling is a great solution. At times of crisis, buying decisions will be based mainly on referrals from people we know and trust. Referral Selling has always been a top performer, with 12% conversion from lead to opportunity; it’s 4X better than any other channel. But, you can’t sit and hope that one of your partners or customers will refer you to your next opportunity. You have to be proactive, and you need to act fast. You need to look at Customer-Centric Sales Solution that provide relationship-intelligence and help you leverage your corporate network.

Referral-AI’s sales intelligence solution and B2B sales prospecting tool helps teams leverage their most valuable assets – corporate & global networks. In one-click, B2B sales and marketers can find out who from their team, executives, past colleagues, partners or happy customers is connected to target accounts and prospects. Referral-AI scans dozens of sources online to determine the strength of the connection, as social connection alone is not an indication whether people really know each other. When you’re introduced to a potential customer by someone they trust, your chances of a first conversation, open dialog, and ultimately closing a deal, go up significantly – by 30%.

During dark times of the Coronavirus outbreak, people look for opportunities to connect, refer and help others. Connecting through motivated referrals makes a lot of sense. Team members will gladly reach out to ex-colleagues, if that means that sales will close another deal and their job will be secured. Partners will be delighted to connect sales with a potential client, if that means earning commission. Your network has all the reasons to help and assist your sales team, and with Referral-AI, you can be proactive and generate those referrals that are critical to your business.

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