Doron Herzlich

Doron Herzlich

Co-founder, CEO

Posted on: Sep 27th, 2023

What is Nearbound?

What is Nearbound?

Nearbound is an ecosystem-driven go-to-market strategy that harnesses the most powerful revenue channel today, especially as outbound strategies become less effective due to campaign saturation and spam.

Nearbound leverages your ecosystem’s strength, built on trusted connections among partners, customers, colleagues, investors, and employees, to expedite the deal-closing process.

Nearbound identifies accounts that are already part of your ecosystem, including your partners’ customers, prospects, or connections. The objective of utilizing Nearbound leads is to collaborate with other companies by sharing data, engaging in co-marketing initiatives, and co-selling, all with the aim of driving revenue together.

Nearbound sales focuses on establishing partnerships and ecosystems that accelerate the achievement of your sales objectives. It involves creating a network around the buyer, incorporating influencers like partners, analysts, and subject matter experts to guide the purchasing journey.

Integrate Nearbound seamlessly into your inbound and outbound efforts to incorporate partner insights and influence throughout the entire customer journey.

Nearbound is the new growth strategy of today.

Drive more revenue with Nearbound and Referral-AI

Referral-AI, a relationship intelligence platform, maps your ecosystem’s connections to your target ABM, facilitating introductions between partners and prospects already in your ABM list with established relationships. Additionally, it imports partner data into your CRM, accelerating your revenue growth.