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Use our B2B automated workflows to increase velocity and generate more revenue

Get New Contacts To HubSpot Based On Your ICP/Targeted Accounts Using Personal Relationships

Automate the creation of new HubSpot leads according to your ICP preferences

Your team will automatically get an alert on new MQL with personal path and relevant information to help you get your foot through the door.

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Get Alerts When Your Champions Move To New Companies and Their Successor

Referral-AI helps you identify champions that switch jobs and their successors with real time alerts

Working on a deal with a promoter has a 65% higher conversion rate. Marketing and Sales teams will get an alert to follow up to analyze the new potential opportunity.

Discover Companies That Match Your ICP Criteria And Recently Raised Funds

Get notified when ICPs are having high-intent events

Receive alerts and generate high-potential leads when targeted companies are getting funded, raising investments or having high-intent events to increase sales conversion.

Re-assign Leads Based on Relationship Scoring When AE Leaves

A revolutionary lead assignment that increases the conversion rates in 40%

HubSpot B2B lead assignment made easy. Let us help you assign leads to reps that are most likely to convert them based on their personal network.

Enrich your CRM Contacts to Increase The Amount Of New MQLs

With Referral-AI you can generate more MQLs and increase your campaigns ROI

Get information that will set you closer to your prospects using Referral-AI HubSpot lead generation.

Revive Missed and Lost Opportunities

Reach out to your ICP to bring them back to the table and revive lost opportunities using events and personal relationships

Be prepared to recover missed sales opportunities, re-engage and win back lost deals.



Enrich your CRM's data by integrating with Referral-AI's platform.

Make your workflow and tools easier to use and enable your sales team to bring faster and high-quality results.