Accelerate your sales pipeline using Referral-AI

Reach the buyer groups of your ICP’s from the start, to speed up your sales cycles

Establish trusted relationships paths and gain buyer empathy of your ICP’s stakeholders, to close more deals

Get to the tone-setters of your target companies. Identify thestakeholders and decision-makers of ICPs, with relevant and updated data, all in the same place. Approach your targets using warm relationship paths, to increase pipeline velocity and volume.

Open doors faster

Our knowledge base of 200+ customized email templates improves your customer engagement and create buyer empathy, from your very first email

Reach out to your targeted buyer groups using personal relationship paths.

Improve your pipeline and lead to a more successful targeting, by assigning qualified leads to sales reps that have the best connections to your ICPs.

Leverage your referral network to increase your reach by 30%

Get to know the power users that can connect you to your next customers

Your referral network is your gold mine to bring new customers onboard.

Use our business intelligence platform to view paths to your ICP’s decision-makers or referrals that can introduce you to your targets.

Use your champions as the strongest contact points for promoting sales

Track champions to make sure you won't miss the crucial timing to act

Your champions can lead the way to new companies. Always know when to reconnect with champions who changed jobs.

Stay updated even if your champions are being replaced and locate their successors.

Leverage your VC network to open doors to C-levels

Get introduced to new clients by your VC's contacts and employees

Use your Venture Capital network to bring you closer to hot leads. Warm relationship paths to C-levels are the key to increase pipeline and close deals faster.



Enrich your CRM's data by integrating with Referral-AI's platform.

Make your workflow and tools easier to use and enable your sales team to bring faster and high-quality results.