What categories of personal data is processed?

Referral-AI is the controller of business contact information on our database. Our customers can access this information for B2B outbound activities. The categories of personal data include first name, last name, title, email, phone. We do not process any sensitive information. We are the processor of our customers’ information, when they use our services.

How do you obtain the business contact information?

Referral-AI uses various sources to obtain this information:

      1. Public website information.
      2. Licensed information from partners.
      3. Contributions made by customers.

Is there a lawful basis under GDPR for processing personal data?

The personal data we process is necessary for legitimate interest. In order to enable B2B transactions, our customers must obtain business contact information. It has limited impact on an individual’s private life, rights or freedom.

Do you transfer personal data outside of the EEA?

Personal data is transferred to the US for storage. We put in place appropriate safeguards, as required under Article 46 of the GDPR, to make this transfer by utilizing Data Protection Addendums and Standard Contractual Clauses when we contract with customers and third party subprocessors.

Do you share personal data with third parties?

We share personal data with our customers. Our customers and the individuals on our database can, at any time, restrict access to their data. In addition, we use the services of third party providers to process and enrich personal data on our behalf. To ensure compliance with GDPR, we have put in place Data Processing Agreements. Referral-AI never shares the personal information of its customers.

How do you keep this information secure?

Can individuals request access to personal data or erasure, rectification or restriction of their personal data?

Please visit our Privacy Center where you can request access to your personal data. You can also review our Privacy Policy or contact us at [email protected]

How does GDPR apply to customers?

Under GDPR, our customers have obligations when they use our solution to collect and reach key prospects for their sales efforts. “GDPR – Tips for sales teams” will help you understand and comply with the privacy obligations in Europe.