Doron Herzlich

Doron Herzlich

Co-founder, CEO

Posted on: Aug 14th, 2023

In the battle for decision-makers’ attention, we often find ourselves resorting to automated platforms that prioritize quantity over quality. As a result, decision-makers are inundated with messages, making it nearly impossible for them to sift through the noise and catch vital emails that might be buried in the deluge.

Our goal at Referral-AI is to revolutionize your approach and skyrocket conversion rates. We achieve this by tapping into the potential of your relationship network, allowing you to connect with qualified decision-makers in your target AMB companies. This stands in stark contrast to the traditional automated outbound platforms that tend to focus solely on quantity.

Usual outbound conversion rates through automated platforms tend to hover between 0.5% and 3%, while conversion rates achieved through Referrals often span a range of 20% to 50%. 

Moreover, our automated Relationship Mapping effectively streamlines processes for both AEs, BDRs and Resellers. This includes optimizing tasks such as composing referral-based emails and automating the entry of contact data into HubSpot. It offers substantial manual time savings. 

Our tool is adaptable for both automated and manual operations. Importantly, while your OutReach tool focuses on lead generation within your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) market, Referral-AI is strategically designed to pinpoint relationships with decision-makers within your targeted ABM companies.