Doron Herzlich

Doron Herzlich

Co-founder, CEO

Posted on: September 15, 2022

Have you ever wondered if your marketing team can get more value from your current HubSpot contacts? If so, we have gathered up for you a few steps to improve your HubSpot marketing activity and reduce cost per lead.

Adapt your B2B marketing lead generation to get more value from HubSpot contacts

CMOs often have to make difficult decisions when their budgets are under stress. Although it is very challenging to reduce marketing costs while maintaining maximum impact, it is definitely possible.

A productive way to save time and resources, while getting better outcomes, is making the most out of the HubSpot contacts that are already in your B2B lead database. Maximizing the potential of existing high-quality HubSpot leads can help you lower the amount of money that you spend on generating leads.

1 .Increase lead scoring by enriching HubSpot data with great relationship paths

You can always find new paths to reach your targeted companies. Be alert and look for new great relationships to targeted companies to connect with your HubSpot leads. When new paths are discovered, your AEs will be able to better reach out to the relevant decision-makers, with higher chances to convert those leads.

2. Push new contacts to HubSpot using similar leads that are based on your sales navigator list

You can easily expand your HubSpot lead database by generating similar leads that match your Sales Navigator search criteria. You already have the right data to find the ICPs you are looking for, so use it.

3. Reach out first to companies that match your ICP criteria that recently raised funds or high-intent events

Another way for generating high-potential leads to your targeted companies is to pay attention when targeted companies are getting funded, raising investments or having any high-intent events. Increasing lead score will help your marketing to target them better and convert more leads to MQLs.

4. Enrich, fix and update the data of your HubSpot contacts with LinkedIn URL, email and social data

Updating your HubSpot records with up-to-date contact info can enrich your lead source and provide your marketing team with the most up-to-date contact data to successfully target CPs.

5. Provide your marketing team members with relationship paths to more ICPs

Use a new target list to generate new relationship paths to more leads. Providing a list of companies that match your ICP criteria can help support your marketing team to reach out to more prospects and keep customers engaged.

6. Customize and update your marketing strategy when previous champions move companies

Help your marketing team to get to targeted companies in which previous champions are currently working. Targeting customers’ champions who have moved jobs is an effective way to generate new high-quality leads and convert them to warm MQLs.

7. Align your marketing with sales to promote open sales opportunities

Get your marketing and sales teams on the same page for maximum impact, using warm MQLs and more relationship paths. Enriching your HubSpot contact data with info of decision-makers and adding new contacts with great relationship paths to targeted accounts will help to increase your conversion rate of open opportunities.

To sum it up

Use your existing HubSpot leads to improve your HubSpot B2B marketing efforts. You can easily and effectively help you to support your marketing team and convert more cold leads into warm MQLs.

Better targeting of current and former customers can help you to maintain successful B2B marketing lead generation, even when your budgets are under stress.