Maintain effective sales pipeline and business growth using accurate relationship data of champions who have moved to new companies

Sales and marketing teams spend plenty of time on reaching irrelevant leads, among other reasons, due to not having information about champions who changed jobs.  

Research shows that 20% of your customers’ contacts tend to move jobs each year; and an average of 3-5% per month. Out of 1,000 contacts, approximately 40% tend to move to work for new companies. Accordingly, to reach a successful sales rate, you must maintain data accuracy, while constantly mapping and identifying your business network.  

Ensuring that your reps can track their previous champions in new companies is essential for generating warm leads, increasing your prospecting pool, and getting to new targeted accounts.

How can you leverage data of champions’ professional transitions?

Engage and onboard new customers by easily getting to relevant contacts

It’s hard to keep up with changes in champions. Various types of relationships, a high number of prospects, and many possible paths to reach them, combined with often transitions, can be even more challenging while working in large sales teams. Easily getting to new companies by contacting previous champions will shorten your SDRs’ cadence and enable them to use their time effectively, which is essential to your business’s success.

Learn about ICP’s hierarchy, departments, and decision-makers of the new companies to which your champions have moved, to bring you closer to deal closing. Make sure your B2B teams approach professionals in the right department and contacts who set the tone in your targeted accounts. 

Obtain updated and direct professional email addresses of relevant contacts 

Get to companies that you wish to bring on board, by successfully reaching leads. Save your reps prospecting time by locating the new email addresses of champions. 

Since your reps may spend approximately 21% of their day writing emails [Hubspot], automated emails will ensure that your reps won’t waste time resending the same emails over again.

Turn previous champions into new hot leads 

One of the most valuable paths for converting hot leads to new deals is real-time tracking of ICP’s champions at all times. Your previous champions can still be very valuable and be turned into highly qualified leads. 

Sales intelligence solutions help you open doors faster.  9 out of each 10 companies use over 2 enrichment tools to learn more about their prospects. By knowing where your previous champions, who know you and your product, currently work, your reps can reconnect with them. Maximize your chances to convert those warm leads to new deals, using reps that engaged with them before in their previous companies, and increase your pipeline, while reducing risks and waste of resources.  

To Sum It up

Channel business relationships with previous champions to draw new customers

#1 – Know when champions have moved to new companies that match your ICP criteria.

#2 – Go straight to the right position holders who can close the deal.

#3 –  Maintain strong touch points with previous champions in new companies.

#4 –  Leverage your network of previous champions to generate new opportunities.

#5 – Generate new business growth, by getting to new ICPs using existing relationships.


As a massive layoff trend is currently spiking globally, many workers switch jobs and companies must bring new hires onboard. The high replacement leads to messy CRM data, which makes it significantly difficult to find relevant contacts and know when your relevant contacts move to work for new companies. 

Up-to-date data about your network of previous champions will help you bring more new customers on board. Provide your reps with accurate data to reach new leads of the right stakeholders within a prospects’ organizations, to create intelligent Revenue Operations.

The lifetime value of customers who close deals as a result of referrals tends to be 16% higher. Alignment of your go-to-market strategy and data-driven collaborations will most likely generate new business growth, accelerate sales cycles and bring higher win rates.