Use Cases for Sales & Revenue Operators

Discover relevant sales opportunities and promote effective business engagements, while automating your next steps. Using our recommended workflows, trigger notifications and sequences to react to events and conditions of your choice.

Get Alerts When Customers’ Champions Move To New Jobs

Alert your AEs when previous champions have moved to new companies

Achieve monthly KPIs of adding new champions to HubSpot and send real-time alerts to AEs when champions move companies. Empower them, using automated workflows to effectively engage with previous champions and ask for introduction to decision-makers of new ICPs.

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Generate New Leads And Reach Champions’ Successors With Updated Contact Info

Receive alerts on new leads and contact info to target champions’ successors

When champions of customers have been replaced, get suggested assignments of new HubSpot leads to AEs. Enrich your sales team’s CRM with new contact info, to reach out to successors using email sequences and keep sales engagements going.

Revive Old Opportunities With New Decision-makers Of Targeted Companies, Based On Relationship Data

Inform your AEs on paths to new decision-makers that are in the buying group at targeted companies, to revive old opportunities

Increase HubSpot B2B lead generation by reviving lost and missed opportunities with new decision-makers and contacts in their companies that can help reach them. Enjoy real-time updates on assignment suggestions with new great paths, while supporting AEs with email sequences to bring offers back to the table, promote sales and meet monthly KPIs.

Update Your AEs About Great Paths To New Leads Of Targeted Companies

Get alerts of paths to reach more targeted companies with new decision-makers

Send a webhook from HubSpot to Referral-AI to search for the best paths to new targeted companies. Finding great relationship paths will help you reach your monthly KPI of adding HubSpot leads to new targeted companies. Our integrations will provide AEs with warm relationship paths and increase your HubSpot lead generation.

Discover The Best Paths For Assigning Leads According To Referrals Of Your AEs

Inform your AEs about new and better paths to targeted accounts

By using a webhook from HubSpot to Referral-AI, receive new paths for engaging with targeted accounts. Based on enriched relationship data and AEs referrals, AEs will get notifications to reach out to targeted accounts using the best paths. Support the reach-out efforts of your AEs with email sequences, to automate new engagements with ICPs.

Receive Notifications With Suggestions To Re-Assign New Contacts And Help AEs to Close Existing Sales Opportunities

Be alerted on better paths to decision-makers that can help AEs close existing sales opportunities

Get suggestions to assign new HubSpot contacts to AEs in deal closing processes, when there are strong relationship paths. Help them to connect with decision-makers of targeted companies, using workflows that are based on the new paths. Assigning new contacts to AEs will help you hit monthly KPI and increase the win rate.

Re-Assign Leads When Your AEs Leave, Using The Best Relationship Paths

Get lead assignment suggestions when your AEs leave, to improve your sales conversion

Ensure that your sales team avoids losing sales opportunities when one of your AEs leave, by re-assigning leads to other team members based on the best relationship paths. Workflows will push notifications to help you assign leads to AEs who are more likely to convert them.
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