Referral's Benefits
The potential value of your contact list

Your contact list which is built over years includes a hidden value that can be turned into Network of Referrals. Contact lists are integrated part of your Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo, your iPhone account and more. Your Referrals Network can provide you with golden introduction keys to target people you are interested in engaging with. However, the many changes in people contact information over time makes it almost impossible to maintain manually.

Building such valuable network is time-consuming and requires discipline.  Networkers spend most of their career building their contact list to find a target or a referral when needed.

Based on our survey for the past couple of years, we’ve realized that a typical Gmail business user has on an average 2,000 contacts, and Networkers can average 15,000 contacts.

We’ve also realized that the quality of any contacts list is deteriorated over time since most cannot keep up with their contacts changes such as emails or phone number.

Based on our observation, we can assume 10% of the people in your contact list can potentially be your referrals, and each of them has also 2,000 contacts. We also assume that only 10% of your referrals’ contact list is updated. Hence, your contact list if turned into a Referral Network could introduce you to 40,000 potential targeted people.

These potentials can be easily multiple when contact lists are combined. As in the case of an enterprise, where a team of 10 salespeople, for example, combine their contact lists in the Referral-AI platform and as a result, each of them can be introduced to 400,000 potential targeted people.

Referral-AI is the only intelligence platform that turns any contact list into a powerful Network of Referrals by enriching your contact list with intelligence to find hidden 1st-degree relationships with targeted people.

The benefits of becoming a referral:

There are several benefits to make introductions when you get a referral request by email.

When you help someone with an introduction to a person in your contact list:

  1.  He owes you a favor regardless of the outcome of the introduction.
  2.  The targeted person appreciates you thought about him.
  3.  You increase your network of referrals since the request sender will become your referral.