Reducing Customers’ Acquisition Cost

Cold calling and spam marketing emails are the major contributors to the increase in the Cost of Acquiring a Customer (CAC).

Referral-AI is set to eliminate cold calling and spam emails by connecting any seller with a prospect buyer through a trusted referral.

Referral-AI is a patented (pending) machine learning platform that constantly combs the Internet and builds an ever-expanding network of referrals. This is put to work as an intelligent layer above any Sales Acceleration Solutions, as well as connection tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Referral-AI discovers hidden 1st degree connections, to enable introduction by a trusted people, turning any sales call into warm welcome.

Referral-AI reduces cost and increase efficiency for direct sales organization

 Referral-AI platform reduce:

  1. CAC (Cost of Acquiring a Customer)
  2. Sales organization headcount
  3. Cold calling
  4. Spam sent over email and social media
  5. Barrier of service by location
  6. Sales’ process
Shortening Sales’ Process

Typical sales development process prior to Referral-AI

Typical sales development process with Referral-AI