Doron Herzlich

Co-founder (BSc), CEO

25 years of experience as Co-founder & CEO of six US-Israeli startups, growing from an idea to an Exit.

Disrupting, Innovating, Leading, Managing, Mentoring, Passionate Entrepreneur 

Published two books for entrepreneurs:
1. The economic root success
2. Re-formatting our insights for happy economy


  • nanoRep, Acquired by LogMeIn
  • Cellex, Sold
  • Mediagate, Acquired by Telrad
  • VCON, IPO in France 
  • Optibase, IPO in Nasdaq
Dror Garti

Co-founder (MSc), CTO

25 years of experience as VP R&D & CTO of four US-Israeli companies.

Dreaming, Breaking-walls, Developing and Delivering innovative, market-leading software portfolios.

Proven leadership of both large-scale (+100 engineers) groups as well as spearheading small innovative startups.


  • Optimove, Privately growing
  • Telmap, Acquired by Intel
  • Comvaya
  • Mercury, Acquired by HP
  • IAF, Engineering team lead
Omer Ben-Nahum

Co-founder (BSc), VP R&D

10 years of experience in R&D jobs.

Expert in product development of scalable well-infrastructure systems from inception to production

Algorithm developer; R&D Team Leader; System Architect; Infrastructure-oriented; NL search engine and AI learning algorithms expert. 


  • nanoRep, Acquired by LogMeIn
  • Starnet Interactive, Acquired by InterActiveCorp