Salespeople spend more time to map, find and build relationships with their prospects rather than selling them. Most spend considerable time making cold calls and sending emails with dismal results. The efficiencies via automation and acceleration sales tools only increase the numbers of leads but done nothing to close deals. As these tools, like LinkedIn Sales Navigator, simply don’t build trust.  Referral-AI eliminates cold calling as it is built on trust by automatically discovering and mapping a trusted 1st-degree referral to each prospective customer.  Referral-AI is a revolutionary sales tool – a needed gold dust to any sales organization.


Referrals have been shown to reduce the time to hire by almost 50% compared to candidates who come from a company’s careers site.

Referral recruiting can be free, and surly cost a fraction of standard ad based recurring. Additional important benefit to any organization is the fact that candidates hired through referrals tend to stay up to 3X longer than candidates hired through job boards and other.

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A fundraising process was never an easy task. Many investors are reacting adversely to market trend volatility and focusing only on deal flow they can trust. As a result, most VCs will look only on deals they received through referrals. These VCs website offers no Contact Us or send us your business plan links, as was common years ago, and ask the investment seeker to find introduction or a referral to the fund. Referral-AI makes it easy to discover these trusted referrals.

Non-profit organizations

We all know how hard it can be finding new donors for a non-profit organization.  Cold prospecting (where you identify new prospective donors, approach them, and attempt to cultivate them, without a pre-existing relationship) is a long process.

Many major donors and corporate leaders are so busy with work and other responsibilities that they don’t have time to research or respond to the multitude of new organizations that contact them.  Even mid-level donors can be so busy that your non-profit’s message gets lost in the shuffle.

The best way to break through the clutter and ensure that a prospective donor hears your message is for someone they know and trust to introduce your non-profit to them.  This trusted person could be a family member, friend, business partner, co-worker, neighbor, vendor, client, or other acquaintance.

When someone introduces your non-profit to a friend, it not only helps your message penetrate the marketing clutter and catch the attention of a prospective donor, it gives your organization instant credibility.  The person thinks, “my friend Sue is involved with this non-profit… they must be a good organization.”

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