Allocating leads – are you opportunistic or smart?

I’d love to be a bug on the wall in your weekly sales meetings
No, but really, I’m curious to know what it takes to become a top sales performer in your company? How do you allocate SQLs for the quarter/year with the rest of the team? Sector-based? Geography? Is the Round Robin approach still applicable for new age B2B SaaS companies or perhaps in your company the top performers in Q1 get the better leads?

How to Generate Business Referrals

How to Generate Business Referrals

It’s intriguing to think about why companies with a broad base of satisfied customers and highly connected employees hardly get any business referrals. It doesn’t make sense. You’d think that companies would be able to leverage their huge customer base. But that’s not how it works.

Relationship capital – the secret to business prosperity

Relationship capital plays a major role in business success. Effective sales executives, marketers, and entrepreneurs, all understand that warm introductions and referrals are necessary to their business success.  Without a healthy flow of business introductions, companies will have a hard time raising capital, securing strategic and enterprise clients, and attracting leading partners.